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The Most Convenient & Accurate Way to Confirm an Animal's Spay or Neuter Status

Spaychek® is an anti-Müllerian hormone (also known as Müllerian inhibiting substance) ELISA test that can determine the spay status of cats and dogs. It can also be used to evaluate possible ovarian remnants and cryptorchidism.

The Spaychek® ELISA kit from Preventia Diagnostics, Inc. tests for anti-Müllerian hormone in cats and dogs. AMH testing is simple, cost-effective, and accurate.


About Spaychek®

Spaychek® is an anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) ELISA test that answers a question frequently asked by veterinarians and shelter workers: "Is she spayed?"

When an animal presents without medical history and an unknown spay status, the most common method of determining the possible need for ovariohysterectomy has always been to look for a scar. Never a reliable method, it has become even less so with the advent of routine pediatric spay.

Until now, surgical exploration has been the only truly reliable method of determining spay status and many animals are surgically explored only to discover that they have already been spayed.

Testing with Spaychek® is a safe, humane and cost effective alternative to surgical exploration.

Our anti-Müllerian hormone testing kits are available to labs nationwide.