Preventia Diagnostics

Is she Spayed?

“Spaychek Plus® is an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) one-step rapid diagnostic that answers a question frequently asked by veterinarians and shelter workers. “Is she spayed”?

When an animal presents with no medical history and an unknown spay status, the most common method of determining the possible need for ovariohysterectomy has always been to look for a scar. Never a reliable method, it has become less so with the advent of routine pediatric spay.

Until now, surgical exploration has been the only truly reliable

method of determining spay status, and many animals are surgically explored only to discover that they have already been spayed.

Testing with Spaychek Plus® is a safe, humane and cost effective alternative to surgical exploration.

Spaychek Plus® was developed to bring a significant cost savings to animal shelters and veterinarians presented with animals of unknown reproductive status.